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LoGFresh Agri Market Process Flow

  1. The Sellers and Buyers have to register themselves on the LoGfresh Agri Market marketplace by providing the necessary KYC documents

  2. On obtaining the marketplace subscription LoGfresh would register them as ‘Members’ and provide them access to the Agri Market.

  3. LoGfresh Agri Market would ensure training on the “Agri Market” and provide the various Do’s and Don’ts.
  4. The seller will indicate the product to be sold as per quality norms, indicating the quantity available and the price thereto on the Marketplace.
  5. The buyer would be able view the various rates, sellers and products online & can choose
    & can then place an order by depositing 10% of the draft Invoice value with LoGfresh which will include the cost of the product. A transaction mail & message shall be send to the registered Mail & Phone.
  6.  Should he wish us to provide transportation solutions & Warehousing we will post the same on Logfret Agri Freight markets, and also facilitate transportation and Warehousing of goods. (Please refer section II.  (Transportation/Warehousing of Goods subject to opted for)
  7. Once the seller indicates goods’ readiness for dispatch the balance 90% amount will be deposited with LoGfresh, along with Transportation charges. The conditions shall only be changed subject to the Seller and buyer reaches another Payment settlement terms mutually and notifies Logfresh.

  8. On despatch of truck LoGfresh will pay the farmer 50% of the value before dispatch and the balance 50% on delivery of goods & Freight charges to the Transportation Company or Truck operator.

  9. A Quality certification agency will check the consignment before dispatch if you choose for certification, the charges for the same shall be extra.
  10. In case if the buyer or seller desires we shall organize a Pledge funding for the products through NBFC/Banks. Our role shall be limited to being a facilitator only & the terms of NBFC/Bank towards the term/time/interest shall be decided between the  NBFC/Bank and notified to us, by the either parties. In such cases the payments shall be routed through the NBFC/Banks consent only.

II. Transportation/Warehousing of Goods subject to opted for:

 “Consignee” shall mean the Buyer or any person named in the Delivery Note or any of his/her representatives that takes the delivery of Shipment being transported.

“Temperature Controlled Products” includes Processed products, certain Fruits and vegetables that are or may become of a dangerous, hazardous, unusable, or damaging nature, products liable to taint or affect other products and products likely to harbor or encourage health risks. ( A +/- 2 Degree C) is tolerance )

“Delivery Note” shall mean the waybill containing the essential information (as determined by us on our sole discretion) required for the performance of the logistics services, including name, delivery address and contact number (if applicable) of the Buyer or the designated recipient of the Shipment, description of the contents of the Shipment (if applicable) .

“Logistics/ Transportation Services” means the shipping, and other allied services provided by us to you pursuant to these Buyer Terms.

“Order(s)” shall mean order placed by Buyer for purchasing Products from the Seller on the Agri Markets.

“Order Detail(s)” shall mean the details relating to the Order, including without limitation, the description of Products, details of the Seller and the Buyer, date of order placement, total amount payable by the Buyer, delivery date, mode of payment, unique order number (AWB/LR/GCN number) etc.

“Product(s)” shall mean goods of any categories (other than Dangerous Goods).

“Shipment(s) / Consignment(s)” means all Products (excluding documents) that travel under one Delivery Note, ( AWB/LR/GCN) .

Warehouse/ Warehousing/Cold Storage means a structure for the storage of Fruits & Vegetables as per the temperature required and complied with to ensure freshness and longevity of the product life. In case the Product stored is Pledged than the Product stored will only be released on written instruction of NBFC/Bank.

Insurance: Consignor or Consignee needs to take Insurance cover for the goods as you are the legitimate owners of the goods. Transporter cover is Limited Liability policy up to Rs 500 per Ton or actual value whichever is lower.

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