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LogFret Spot Market Process Flow

  1. The Sellers and Buyers have to register themselves on the LogFret Spot Market marketplace by providing the necessary KYC documents

  2. On obtaining the marketplace subscription LoGfret Spot would register them as ‘Members’ and provide them access to the Spot Market.

  3. LogFret Spot Market would ensure training on the “Spot Market” and provide the various Do’s and Don’ts.
  4. The seller ( Transporter)  will indicate the service to be sold/available  as per quality norms, specs with location, payload capacity indicating in Transporter page after logging in the Marketplace.
  5. Once Logged in, the seller can also check the live freight market and quote his prices in the time- bound reverse auctions or can have a “Spot purchase of freight available”.
  6. Once you have won/ bought the freight, a transaction mail & message shall be send to the registered mail & Phone No. apart from getting notified on the Logfret market.
  7. You are supposed to intimate and ensure availability of the truck for loading as per the time frame indicated by the buyer.
  8. Once the truck is loaded and ready for dispatch, you are supposed to notify us on the Logfret Spot. We also get the notification from the Consignor on dispatch.
  9. Once you unload the truck and send us a acknowledgement/ Proof of Delivery & we get a confirmation from client of delivery. The service stands completed.
  10. Payment towards Freight charges agreed upon is transferred to your account.
  11. In case if the buyer or seller desires we shall organize a Pledge funding for the services offered through NBFC/Banks. Our role shall be limited to being a facilitator only & the terms of NBFC/Bank towards the term/time/interest shall be decided between the  NBFC/Bank and notified to us, by the either parties. In such cases the payments shall be routed through the NBFC/Banks consent only.
  12. In case if Freight advance is required the same should be notified while filling the form.
  13. For any additional services wished/availed by the Buyer from Logfresh India Private Limited, E.g
    1. Tracking
    1. Transport Management Solutions from LR generation till billing.
    1. Fleet Management
    1. Long Term Leasing of Asset to LogFresh India Private Limited you are requested to mention it while registration or can mail us separately, Any such arrangements shall be covered under separate Agreements with validity of contract and terms.
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