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Terms and Fees for Selected Entrepreneurs

LogFresh Agri Markets is a vertical of LoGfresh India Private Limited is set up to provide an online trading platform for spot trading in Fruits, Vegetables, Processed Foods. It is a first of its kind market in the country started with nationwide cold storage and Refrigerated/ Ambient Logistic network. Currently the platform will be serving Fresh Fruits and vegetables, processed Food Products and gradually shall be a online platform offering entire Grocery products and FMCG products.

The materials will move from seller’s locations / production location’(s) to final buyers/ consumers  with the help of  refrigerated/multi-temp/ambient trucks for tertiary distribution ensuring safety and hygiene, so that loss of moisture, color and taste is minimized fresh produce & and processed foods doesn’t faces temperature/handling abuse because of under capacity and ambient is not exposed to unnecessary temperatures, the assets deployed for servicing have been developed after lot of research in various Indian demography’s and studying city vibrancy and customers feedback. Further due to direct purchasing from producers/ farmers both buyers and sellers are likely to get benefits of lower prices and higher profits respectively and there will be a win-win situation for all value chain participants.

Consumption Markets have been demographically mapped and after taking into account Population density Index the requirements have been formulated to ensure that the Entrepreneur runs a profitable business.


To become a LoGfresh Entrepreneur one must fulfill the following criterion

  1. He has filled in the form and submitted and received an invitation from us.
  2. Any other persons / entities as may be permitted by the relevant authority of LoGfresh India P Limited.


One needs to be a member of the LoGfresh Agri Markets to buy and sell fruits and vegetables and other items on the LoGfresh Agri platform. There are 2 types of memberships to suit the needs and requirements of all market participant.

Entrepreneur Consumption Markets: Once you have successfully completed and received an invite from us.

  1. We shall be providing you detailed guidelines & market penetration strategy.
  2. We shall be providing you with technology support, Website for your business, Mobile apps, & all required technology support and training where in your orders will get consolidated with a click and you can directly post your requirements on Logfresh Agri Markets with ease.
  3. We shall be providing you all required SCM support till Point of sales covering Tertiary distribution assets & services, Warehousing services & long haulage in most economic modes from the production locations.
  4. We shall be supporting you in procurement of produce, products, Value added services & brand building subject to you want to introduce your own brand. We envision that if an Entrepreneur is focused than he would be able to turn around two deliveries and enroll at least 10 Tertiary distribution assets to fulfill his demands in the first year.
  5. LoGfresh Agri will facilitate Pledge Funds in case you want to avail, from various NBFC/Banks.
  •  Production Centre Market Entrepreneur

Once we receive your written mail expressing interest to be a part of LoGfresh Agri Market

  1. We shall be providing you will all support with regard to becoming a Production Location Aggregator/ Forming Cooperative Societies/FPO.
  2. Technology & required Mobile Apps and training.
  3. All required Supply chain from the sourcing location to Urban markets
  4. We will act as  7th  Party Service providers to ensure success of your venture.
  5. Soil & demography-based advice on what to grow for better returns.
  6. Modern Agriculture practices & experts to implement.
  7. Setting of F&V sorting, grading facilities, processing and other Value added services
  8. Waste Management Ecology, Safety & Civic Hygiene implementation at your production location.
  9. Depending on Location & history promote its heritage to Urban World.

The Applicants who are admitted as Entrepreneurs shall adhere to the General Terms, & Agri Market terms.


Consumption Centre Entrepreneur:

  1. We shall be charging a One-time fee of Rupees Five lacs only (INR 500000/- ) as a registration fees as we shall be investing heavily in technology & Mobile tertiary assets to support your business.
  2. Logfresh India Private Limited shall be entering in a formal contract covering all details terms & conditions.

Production Centre Entrepreneur:

  1. We charge a fee of Rs One lac from Production Centre Entrepreneur.
  2. The onetime fee shall be reduced to Rs 100/-  subject to the following conditions :
    1. In case you are an Ex- Service man we shall be requiring a letter from Zila Sainik Board/DGR/SSB/Regimental Centre ( RVC)
    2. For others interested to become PCE (Production Centre Entrepreneur if you submit us a letter from Taluka/Subdivision Agriculture or equivalent we shall be charging Rs 100/- as registration fee. 

      LoGfresh India Private Limited shall be signing a formal contract with you covering all details and scope of service, impact we expect from you on enhancing the rural economy,detailing the processes.

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